WordPress Maintenance

With Gusto

Don’t get left behind.

As of March 2016, over 25% of all sites on the internet are powered by WordPress. We’re not surprised — it’s a powerful, intuitive CMS and we use it too.  However, not only is it popular for users and makers, but hackers as well.

Why You Need It

  • Because the source code is available for anyone to dissect and inspect, open-sourced software can be more secure and trusted, as any vulnerability is quickly discovered and fixed. However, if a website is not kept up-to-date with the latest plugin and software versions, it is much more likely that, at some point, the site will be exploited.
  • Taking the time to secure backups of website and database files monthly ensures that, if the site does go down or become compromised, it can be restored with minimal effort.
  • The amount of time and cost that goes into remediation of a problem has been shown to commonly exceed the cost of prevention. (Not to mention that sick feeling you get when you realize you’ve lost work and don’t have a backup).

Monitor. Upgrade. Backup.
Every Month.

Every month With Gusto secures backups of client data (files and database) in an off-site location, upgrades client’s website plugins and WordPress CMS core, and monitors for malware, providing cleanup and advice when necessary. Perhaps most importantly, we provide quick, direct communication about the steps necessary to take care of any problem that may arise.

What We Actually Do

  • Regular, periodic website backups to an off-site location.
  • Compatibility analysis of updates to WordPress Core, Plugins, and Themes
  • Upgrade of the WordPress Core, Plugins, and Themes as needed
  • Site regression testing
  • Obsolete file and data cleanup
  • Malware monitoring and cleanup