With Gusto's Portfolio

Adoptions of Wisconsin

Adoptions of Wisconsin approached us in 2009 to redesign their website and move it onto a Content Management System they could use themselves. After creating a custom WordPress website for them, With Gusto continues to provide SEO Services and WP Maintenance.

AoW Website Build

Calliope Ice Cream

With Gusto has worked closely with Calliope Ice Cream since they came onto the scene. Calliope needed a brand that delivered a nostalgic feeling while still being modern. The packaging is simple and patterned to stand out on retail shelves. For Calliope’s website we developed a custom, mobile ready WordPress theme that concentrates on brand recognition and showcasing Calliope’s unique flavors of ice cream.

CIC Website Design

Ian’s Pizza


Ian’s Pizza is our oldest client.  They’ve been working With Gusto for almost as long as they’ve been making pizzas.

With Gusto creates everything from custom illustrations for use in posters and on the website, to full business systems.  We also created the current IansPizza.com website.  It’s loaded with tons of cool graphics and interesting articles from every Ian’s location.

Ian's Pizza Website Project

House of Brews

We love beer.  So it was a great pleasure to us when House of Brews tapped With Gusto to create a website for them.  But we didn’t stop there.  Soon after the creation of their website, House of Brews needed help finishing out their first label.  After a jumping in and finishing out the design process for he first one, With Gusto took over full creation and art direction responsibilities.  We’ve since created over a dozen different labels with unique artwork for the House of Brews line.

Ulla Eyewear

Ulla Eyewear is small boutique located in Madison, WI.   They needed a web site that was sleek, professional, and reflected the contemporary look of their in-store aesthetic.  With Gusto created a custom WordPress website allowing Ulla to add, edit, and remove content depending on their current in-store stock.

Ulla Eyewear Web Design

University of Wisconsin

Over the years, With Gusto has developed multiple custom WordPress sites for various University of Wisconsin Programs including the Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology Program, Endocrinology & Reproductive Physiology Program, Physiology Graduate Training Program, Molecular & Environmental Toxicology Center, and the Wisconsin Network for Research Support.

Each site maintains the overall University of Wisconsin aesthetic while allowing for some individual style and content to be presented.  Additionally each site is mobile friendly and all content can be easily edited by website administrators via the WordPress CMS.

Powers & Paine

Powers & Paine Inc. approached With Gusto looking for a logo to use for their parent company.  The logo needed to be clean, professional, unique, and speak to the owner’s personal aesthetic.  In this case, Powers & Paine went with a logo that personified their business as a place of class.  The clean logo suggests a suit coat and tie – two staples in the owner’s daily wardrobe.

Additionally With Gusto worked with Powers & Paine on their very first branding project – Sun Ripe Fruits.  We created a versatile logo and color combinations to be used on various fruit and nut products.

3rd Dimension

Talented, local Madison hip-hop group 3rd Dimension has created their last two album’s cover artwork With Gusto!  We had a blast working with the guys from 3rd Dimension and turning their visions into physical artwork.  Both times they came to use with a specific image in mind.  After an initial sit-down and a couple of rounds of revisions, WG delivered unique artwork ready for print and distribution.

A True Likeness

A True Likeness is a small photography studio located a short distance outside of Madison.  With Gusto worked closely with owner Chris to develop a website with a modern, sleek design that showcases his work, services, and studio.  Chris’ diverse client base (high-school students to corporations to artists) required a site that was easily usable on multiple devices and did not sacrifice a user’s ability to quickly and easily view ATL’s portfolio.

Additionally the site features a customer portal allowing users to login and review and download their individual photo shoots.  Oh and did we mention that Chris himself can manage and maintain all aspects of his site’s content?

ATrueLikeness.com Web Design