With Gusto

A Brief History

With Gusto, LLC began as the in-house web and graphic design firm for Ian’s Pizza by the Slice. Then we decided to take our show on the road. Our members have 25 years of web and graphic design experience, along with more customer service, illustration and copywriting experience than you can shake a stick at.

Drop us a line, let us know how we can help ensure that your business is representing itself as well as it possibly can.

The Primary Players

Jack Saxe-Staral – Client Liaison, PM, Lead Designer, “Jack” of all Trades

As majority owner of With Gusto he is the primary contact for most clients and leads our production team. Jack’s unique degree in InterArts and Technology gives him a broad scope of knowledge from design aesthetics and principles to contemporary digital art production. As a small business owner for seven years, Jack has experience working with a wide variety both of clients and makers. His ability to bridge the language gap between “techies” and our clients has proven useful in delivering websites that consistently exceed client expectations.

Michael Hlavenka – Development Lead, Quality Control & Testing, Resident SEO Guro

Michael – affectionately dubbed “PC Mike” around the office – graduated from UW – Madison in 2006. A background starting in computer science and leading to systems development with a hearty enthusiasm for all things mobile-related has helped him develop a keen intellect and out-of-the-box problem solving abilities that give With Gusto the means to create complex website functionality.

Staci Fritz – Content Writer, Editor, Proofreader

Staci graduated with an Applied Graphics degree in 1992 from Santa Rosa Junior College, but found that writing and editing was her calling. In the past 20 years she has written and edited for magazines, an international hearing healthcare company, restaurants, and a variety of small businesses. She specializes in web content, style guides, public relations, copywriting, and proofreading. She stalwartly defends the Oxford Comma.